COLORADO PUBLIC RADIO: 4 Classical Picks For January 2018

Jan 9. 2018

Here are four of the best recent discs we’re featuring this month on CPR Classical. See what else we’ve loved recently. Stream some of our current favorites on Spotify, and subscribe to the playlist for updates.

Infinity: Choral Works

Kim Andre Arnesen / Kantorei / Joel Rinsema
2018, NAXOS

Contemporary choral music has evolved over the last few decades into a surprisingly homogenous genre. Many composers use the same lush, stacked harmonies to create predictably beautiful moments. Those stunning sonorities help drive the huge popularity of the genre. So what sets a recording apart in the midst this wash of warm tone clusters? Denver’s Kantorei and Norwegian composer Kim Andre Arnesen show us the power of emotional connection and subtle moments. About halfway through “Even When He is Silent,” a small but surprising harmonic shift occurs. Kantorei has spent the first half of the piece slowly building to that achingly gorgeous moment. The result leaves the listener thrilled and deeply moved. Another standout piece is “Infinity” which again combines unexpected harmonic shifts with eloquent musical execution for spine-tingling results. (Full disclosure: I sang with Kantorei more than a decade ago. My familiarity with the group leaves me even more impressed with this recording.)

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