Our Singers

Kantorei’s volunteer singers come from all walks of life and share a common passion for choral music. Our singers have a wide variety of occupations, including music educators, doctors, realtors, lawyers and bankers. Many of our singers come from schools with strong choral music programs, such as Augustana, Brigham Young, Concordia, Luther, St. Olaf, Wartburg, and the University of Northern Colorado.



Mary Christ
Theresa Derr
Juliane Dowell
Kimberly Dunninger
Beryl Fanslow
Christina Graham
Wendi Sue Grover
Heather Gunnerson
Stacie Hanson
Jade Howard
Shannon Lemmon-Elrod
Sara Michael*
Alicia Rigsby
Brenda Rolling
Pearl Rutherford
Christianna Sullins


Emily Alexander
Lindsey Aquilina
Jan Ankele
Lizabeth Barnett
Lyn Berry-Helmlinger
Sarah Harrison*
Melissa Menter
Erin Meyerhoff
Jennifer Moore
Kali Paguirigan
Tegan Palmer
Michelle Tombre
Andrea Ware


Kai Berry-Helmlinger*
Landon Covington
Keith Ferguson
Mason France
Matthew Gierke
Kevin Gunnerson
Keith Harrison
Jason Hindman
Steve Howie
Alex Menter
Jonathan Von Stroh
Ryan Wright


Michael Bizzaro
Michael Boender
Garth Criswell
Andrew Halladay*
Stephen Hooper
Brad Jackson
Karl Johnson
Brad Larson
John Ludwig
Larry Meerdink
Marc Petersen
John Schaak
Matt Weissenbuehler

*section leader